Dream Vacation


8 Days - 7 Nights

Here is your exclusive invitation to enjoy a private vacation residence. Why spend your vacation in a cramped hotel room? We invite you to enjoy a private luxurious one bedroom fully equipped condominium at your choice of over 1000 world wide locations!

No gimmicks. All resort properties are guaranteed to be quality 3 to 4 star resort locations. Nothing required on your part other than to have a great time. We do hope you will recommend the property to a friend once you have enjoyed your fabulous vacation!

Condominium Locations

You must register your vacation request within 15 days. This will allow us to estimate how many condominiums we need to make available. You will have one year from the date of registration to take your vacation.

Complete the form on the check out page, after clicking "Add to Cart" to claim your reservation form. Your processing will only cost you $30, please remember your condominium stay is valued at over $1,500.

Dream Vacation
Can $30.00

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